How to select the best freight forwarder


Operating international business calls for the need of a freight forwarder. This will be your business partner. If you are planning to select a freight forwarder, read on for tips on how to select the best.

What are the internal requirements?

Before the start of your search, be sure of your specific needs. This is to say; you should be aware of the mode of transport and specific transport needs. In addition to that, you should be aware of the volume of goods to be transported.

Understand the industry

trucksFind out the services offered by the service provider. Find out your responsibilities and that of the service provider. For the right details about the same read industry regulations, terms, and blogs.


Are they able to handle different types of shipments? For example, you might be required to ship items from China through air and others from Vietnam via sea. Your freight forwarder should be able to offer both services.


There is a long list of transport modes. Other than that, there are many types of goods to be transported. They include, food, hazardous, chemicals, perishables, cars, machinery, garments, the list is endless. You must understand that not all service providers can handle all the products. It is therefore important to know from the freight forwarders their experience in handling different types of shipments.


Check if the freight provider you are supposed to hire is a member of a trade association. To join associations like WCA, you must have integrity, financial strength and operational efficiency. Other than the above, you must meet other financial requirements.


How are they going to handle and manage your shipment? The answers given here will help you decide where you will submit your documents for coordination of the shipments and other matters. In some companies, all your shipment needs are handled by one person.


portMake a list of your requirements. This includes things like packaging, delivery, items to be shipped, terms of sale and anything else you want to be done. This way, your goods will arrive at safe.

Agent’s network

Do they have an agent’s network in the destination country? It is very important to be members. The network could help you in case of customer issues, delays, port strikes, and other unforeseen shipment problems.

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