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Why You Should Hire a Private Driving Instructor

man drivingWhen learning how to drive, you might decide to learn as a group or hire a private driving instructor. While each option works, most people today are going for the later. Ideally, learning as a group or having a friend teach you might take a long time before you are allowed on the road. A private instructor, however, can help you learn how to drive much faster. Here are some reasons why a private driving instructor could help you take your driver’s tests sooner.

They Offer Tailored Instruction

Learning as a group denies you the opportunity to get personalized lessons. As such, this means that what you will be taught can be as a result of someone else’s weakness, and not your own. This can hurt your learning process a great deal. Ideally, a private driving instructor takes care of this shortfall by offering instructions that are tailored to your specific needs. And this might help you learn faster, and take your driver’s test sooner.

Flexible Learning Terms

The lessons have to be scheduled based on everyone’s needs if you are learning to drive in a group. Alternatively, you might be required to work with a fixed timetable. Hiring a private instructor allows you to learn at your convenience. This element of flexibility means that you will be less stressed when taking lessons, thus enjoying them more.


While learning as a group might seem cheaper, it might be costly in the long run. The fact that a private instructor offers personalized lessons means that you might be required to take fewer lessons than those you would have taken while in a group. The success rate in working with private driving instructors translates to reduced costs of learning.

No Set Syllabus

Working with an instructor from a private school means that your learning schedule is decided for you. This means that you might be required to start with basic driving skills that you might already be familiar with. However, working with a private driving instructor allows you to focus on areas that you are weak. The trainer ensures that you acquire and perfect all essential skills.

Ideally, private lessons are a proven way of making you a competent driver.

Top Tips for Buying a Classic Car

classic beetleClassic cars are quite popular among car enthusiasts. Buying one can turn out to be the best investment you ever made in a vehicle or the worst. You have to consider numerous factors to ensure that you get a classic car that is worth the money you pay for it. If you are classic car buyer who doesn’t know much about classic cars, you might consider getting some advice from someone who does. A few tips that you can use when buying a classic car are highlighted below.

Choose the Right Type of Vehicle

To ensure that you choose the most suitable car, you should consider the purpose for which you are purchasing it. For example, buying a two-seater vehicle may not be a good idea if you intend to be using it to take your entire family out over the weekends. Ensure that the ride you choose fits the purpose, to get the most value from it.

Consider the Condition of the Car

The condition of the car also matters quite a lot when buying a classic car. If you intend to restore the vehicle yourself for whatever reason, you probably should not go for one that is in pristine condition. Otherwise, you should choose a classic car that is in the best possible condition. Preferably, choose one that has never been involved in an accident before. Also, stay away from cars that have rust, as that is a good indicator that you might be spending a lot of unexpected time in a garage.

Factor in the Cost

The cost of purchasing a classic car is a lot more than just the buying price. You need to consider the amount of money that you will use for restoration, or to get it to the condition that you want. You also need to consider the insurance charges and the amount the insurer will be willing to compensate. Make sure that the overall amount of money you spend is worth it and gives you good value for your money.classic car

Consider the Performance of the Car

When considering the performance of the classic car, ensure that it satisfies all your needs and preferences. For starters, ensure that it can reach the speed limits at which you intend to drive it. You should also check the fuel consumption of the ride. Classic cars are not as fuel-efficient as modern cars, meaning that the fuel consumption might make a significant difference regarding the cost of the vehicle when you consider operating costs.